Meet best solution for your business - a professional consulting company specialized in cloud native application development, professional services related to cloud systems and artificial intelligence.

What is

We are creating applications and migrating applications to cloud with DevOps approach and with AI service support. We are ready to deploy containers, distributed services, and legacy applications into cloud; provide networking, service discovery and resource management to keep the services running and communicating with each other.

After migrating your application to cloud the sky is the limit! You can get as many users as you want, we will support your application and if you will want - we can still cooperate and add new additional features to your application, isn't it great?

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The only company you’ll need to power your company

Speed up

We providing hightech features like cloud native, AI, HA, CI & CD, microservices architecture.


Your data will be always secure, we provide backup and support tools to help you reach 99.99% uptime of your company services.



Always ready to help. No matter where you running your company, we are always ready to answer your questions and ready to help to matter what.

Professional team

Our dedicated team is just perfect for your needs. Doesn't matter what application you have, we will bring this application to new level of technology.

Cloud and Artificial intelligence at once have large experience with cloud area, microservices architecture and Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning and Reinforcemenet Machine Learning). We can not only build your whole infrastructure with application but also create automation process that optimalize your business costs.

Have any questions?

Who is for? is for startups and professional enterprise companies. We easly develop fully long-term cooperation for our clients and create professional business enviroment.

Why is still startup company, but still - we are powerful. We have great team who will be well suited for your needs. We have stable finance situation and well developed organization.

In which countries is available?

We working with company around the globe. The country your company is working does not matter for us. The client and product is most important part for us and we can working on-site with you.

How payments will looks like?

Every day you will get full raport about working progress and processing tasks. After the whole month you will get summary report with described progress and total hours spent on tasks. We will calculate invoice costs based on informations from raport so you have full control of costs.

I need personal meeting

There is no problem with personal meeting, please fill contact form and describe your company and your business product. We will try to schedule meeting online and next meeting in place you will choose.

What companies using is different, we dont provide any details about our customers. We dont advertise on your webpage, we dont show your logo on webpage. We are focused on client and product, not on a marketing standards.

This is just a beginning

2016 - Our Start was founded in early 2016, we started with Software Development services.

2017 - New customers showing up

New customers show's up and we started new departments (R&D Department, Support Department). We started research about Artificial Intelligence. We started to offer Cloud Enablement services for our customers.

2018 - We are growing started to contribution Open Source projects and hire new developers. We started new research programs about Reinforcement Machine Learning as a future possible solution for our customers.

2019 - Now

We started to offer new services like consulting service. Company will be registered as Oktacode, Inc.