About us

Oktacode, allows for Oktacode.com customers use our infrastructure. Status of whole Oktacode infrastructure you can find below.

What is Oktacode.com

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Working with us

Creative Space

You can work in our office or remote, you choose where to work and how you work. No office hours, feel free.


Love Slack? We love this application too, we collaborate with Slack and Skype, online meetings are core process in our company.

Growing Your Career

We are young, we are hungry for new-tech projects and startups. Join us and grow your career with us!


You will get brand new Apple Macbook Pro 13 - i7, 512GB, 16GB RAM Ultrabook for start and other benefits. Isn't it great?


Team age under 30, New mac book pro, No office hours, No dress-code, do you feel it?


We love coffee and cookies, how many cookies you are handle to eat?

This is just a beginning

2016 - Our Start

Oktacode.com was founded in early 2016, we started with Software Development services.

2017 - New customers showing up

New customers show's up and we started new departments (R&D Department, Support Department). We started research about Artificial Intelligence. We started to offer Cloud Enablement services for our customers.

2018 - We are growing

Oktacode.com started to contribution Open Source projects and hire new developers. We started new research programs about Reinforcement Machine Learning as a future possible solution for our customers.

2019 - Now

We started to offer new services like consulting service. Company will be registered as Oktacode, Inc.

Paweł Kalinowski


"We believe that Oktacode.com is the future of developer companies. Intelligence and usability is becoming a major competitive advantage in enterprise companies."